At Gifted Studio we value a co-working space that allows our members to create without any hindrance. Members can book sessions without worrying about clashing with other members or losing their project files. We give every member a T-Shirt & USB they can use to store their project files. At our co-working space, we emphasize community and focus on how we can create a better experience for our members.

At our co-working space, the members have access to not only the studio but a common area where they can meet with their teams, relax between sessions & engage in community workshops. Our mission is to help our members create careers out of their creative work and we do that by not only giving them access to tools that further their work but by also inviting creative experts and professionals in our co-working space to share new information that our members can implement into their own passions.

Gifted Studio is a co-working space where musicians, designers, & artists work and meet like-minded individuals in a creative environment. The mission is to foster a community of digital professionals by offering a creative and inspirational space with a fuss-free and flexible, monthly rolling contract.

Our members hit the studio when they feel inspired. They can block out time for their creative endeavors & tune into their skills to reach the goals that are less concrete but more fruitful. Our site simplifies the process so members don’t have to think about their membership fees & can book a session instantly knowing that their time and space will always be available.

No other co-working space focuses on creative professionals and helping them maximize their careers in a saturated market. Take a tour of our co-working space and see what everyone is talking about.